Minister in Training (MIT) Training Grants (MITTG)

The Minister in Training (MIT) Training Grant scheme is designed to benefit all those who are preparing to train for Accredited Baptist Ministry, regardless of specialism, subject to the individual meeting the scheme’s criteria. 

The scope of the scheme is, therefore, deliberately wide and includes:

  • Those with no previous theological training and embarking on church-based training at a Baptist College (or a training institution approved by the BUGB Ministries Team)
  • Those with existing theological qualifications who have been required by Residential Selection Conference (RSC) or by the BUGB Ministries Team to pursue a programme of formation – for example, the Baptist Leadership Programme at Northern Baptist College (NBC).
  • All those training for Accredited Baptist Ministry, irrespective of their specialism – experience indicates that the majority will be generalists, preparing to pastor churches, but the scheme would also benefit those called to specialisms such as Children’s, Youth and Families Ministry, Evangelism, Pioneering or Chaplaincy.

The focus of the grant is the training of the MIT and therefore it is the MIT themselves who applies to EMBA. 

The MIT must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible to apply:

  1. Be sent by an EMBA church
  2. Have successfully gone through EMBA Ministerial Recognition Committee (MRC)
  3. Be accepted by a Baptist College (or a training institution approved by the BUGB Ministries Team)
  4. Be placed in an EMBA church or ministry setting

For further information about EMBA MIT Training Grants please read the guidance notes.

If you are interested in applying for a MIT Training Grant please speak to your Regional Minister.

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