Mission Partnership Grant (MPAG)

A Mission Partnership Grant (MPaG) is provided to help a Baptist Church, pioneering ministry or ecumenical partnership including Baptists, to engage effectively in mission by supporting a minister, minister in training, or other worker.  The main focus for this person will be to lead the church ministry forward in mission.  Their priority must be helping the ministry to reach out to their local community in whatever way is most appropriate in their context. 

At the heart of this mission partnership grant is a genuine partnership between each grant recipient and the EMBA, mainly expressed through a Mission Accompanier (MA) who will journey with a church / pioneering ministry throughout the grant period. 

For further information about EMBA Mission Partnership Grants (MPaG) please read the following guidance notes:


Guidance for church based ministries

Guidance for Pioneer ministries


If you are interested in applying for a Mission Partnership Grant (MPaG), please speak to your Regional Minister

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